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It's not the question how old you get, but how do you get old!



Staying healthy as we grow old...Isn’t that what we all wish for?

NUTURA®''s Lab has developed the newest NUTURA® spray for the fastest growing segment of the population because...the future belongs to people over 50!

It is often said that everyone wants to grow old, but no one wants to be old.  In the next century, most people will be much older than previous generations. In the 20th century we have aged on average 30 years ...... that's more than in the previous 5,000 years!
Old age is often associated with chronic ailments and decreased activity. and it remains true that as our age increases, so does the risk of developing it.

How long we will live and in which way is partly determined genetically, but apart from genetics, environmental factors and lifestyle also play an important part.  More and more scientific research has shown that it is not only genetic predetermination that allows us to “grow old healthy”, we can also influence this ourselves through our lifestyles and eating habits.

The need for and amount of food decreases as we age. This is being caused by less exercise / movements. Therefore, you (as you age) need fewer calories. The result is that we have to optimize our food per calorie. This also means that we have to be careful and selective in the selection of our nutrients.

The difference between this spray and the regular multivitamin spray for adults is that the needs and the recommended dosages for the groups over-50s and adults 18-49 years differ.

Many nutrients play a protective role in aging and increase vitality. These nutrients are critical to maintaining optimal health.
NUTURA®’s Multiple 50+...your partner for a long and healthy life.
Contains: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, ionic minerals, riboflavin, folic acid, biotin, vitamin K2, resveratol, astragin, coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol).

Directions for use

Before initial use - pump 4 to 6 times to activate the pump. Shake gently.  Spray directly into mouth, 2 sprays, 4 times per day. Each vial contains approximately 240 metered sprays. Do not exceed the stated dose. Store at room temperature. Best before and Lot no.: See bottom of vial. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray in eyes. Not to be used by children up to the age of one year.


Ingredients / Amounts Per daily dose (= 8 sprays) % RI*
Vitamin B3 16 mg NE 88
Vitamin E 10 mg α-TE 100
Choline 10 mg **
Vitamin C (from organic Amla fruit) 9 mg 11
Vitamin B5 6 mg 100
Vitamin B6 1.4 mg 100
Vitamin B1 1.4 mg 127
Vitamin B2 0.4 mg 25
Manganese 0.1 mg 5
Vitamin A 800 µg RE 100
Folic Acid 200 µg 100
Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) 100 µg **
Biotin 30 µg 60
Iodine 15 µg 10
Chromium 12 µg 30
Vitamin K (Menaquinon - MenaQ7) 10 µg 13
Selenium 5 µg 9
Vitamin D 5 µg 100
Vitamin B12 2 µg 80

* RI=Reference Intake (former RDA) - ** = RI (Reference-intake) not established


Purified water; solvent: glycerin (vegan); nicotinamide (Vit.B3); d-alpha-tocopheryl-acetate (Vit. E); vitamin C extracted from organic Amla fruit; natural emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; natural flavors: peppermint, orange, vanilla, monoammonium-glycyrrhizinate * (licorice); dexpanthenol (Vit.B5); resveratol; astragin (astralagus / ginseng extract); thiamine-mononitrate (Vit.B1); pyridoxine HCl (Vit.B6); retinyl-palmitate (Vit.A); acidity regulator: citric acid; medium chain triglycerides (MCT / vegetable oil); preservative: potassium sorbate; pteroylmonoglutamic acid (folic acid); riboflavin 5'-phosphate (Vit.B2); ionic minerals complex; coenzyme Q10 - (Ubiquinol); methylcobalamin (Vit.B12); biotin; cholecalciferol (Vit.D3); Menaquinone (Vit.K2).

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Product code: 6019