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"Beauty comes from within"



SHINE Skincare Spray is based on the latest insights in prevention and protection of the skin against oxidation / free-radical-damage / and premature aging. 

Free-radical-damage is a negative factor that could cause disturbances in the production and duplication of healthy (skin) cells. This damaging process is affected by substances we get in our food, the air that we breathe, first- or second hand cigarette smoke, agents that we are in (skin) contact with, sun exposure, etc. and is one of the most important factors of premature aging of the skin. The first signs are often visible by wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity.

Specific nutrients in this spray feed the skin from the inside, support the skin's restorative ability and help keep skin healthy.

The ingredients in this spray have a protective or preventive function. A group of these nutrients are so called antioxidants. These nutrients are important to optimum guard our body and skin in order to function properly.

For example, the vitamin A in this spray provides that normal skin and mucous membranes is maintained and contributes as anti-oxidant to the protection of cells. Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal nails and healthy hair. 

In addition to these important vitamins contains this spray herbal extracts of aloe vera, evening primrose oil, horsetail, tomato, bilberry and pine bark (OPC).

Not only the intake of daily amounts of nutrients through healthy food and the highest quality food supplements is extremely important, but it is also important to assure that the most effective method of administration is used in order to be able to absorb these vital nutrients.

Spray technology is an innovative and effective way of delivering nutrients to the body - and therefore the skin, by a rapid absorption and high bioavailability.
SHINE Skincare Spray ™ is based on this groundbreaking spray technology and provides a unique combination of nutrients. 

SHINE Skincare Spray ™ - designed by nature and helped by NUTURA®". 

Contains: Vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin A, thiamine, pyridoxine, vitamin B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, zinc, L-cysteine, L-tyrosine, evening primrose, aloe vera, lavender, tomato extract (lycopene), chamomile, pine bark.

Directions for use

Before initial use - pump 4 to 6 times to activate the pump. Shake gently.  Spray directly into mouth, 2 sprays, 4 times per day. Each vial contains approximately 240 metered sprays. Do not exceed the stated dose. Store at room temperature. Best before and Lot no.: See bottom of vial. Keep out of reach of children. Do not spray in eyes.


Ingredients / Amounts Per daily dose (= 8 sprays) % RI*
Vitamin E 7.5 mg α-TE 63
Vitamin C 9 mg 11
Primrose oil 5 mg **
Pantothenic acid - B5 3 mg 50
Pyridoxine - B6 1 mg 50
L-Cysteine 1 mg **
L-Tyrosine 1 mg **
Thiamine - B1 0.7 mg 50
Zinc 0.25 mg 3
Vitamin A 600 µg 75
Biotin 50 µg 100
Vitamin B12 3 µg 120

Contains extract from: blueberry, aloe vera, horsetail, pine bark and tomato (lycopene).

* RI=Reference Intake (former RDA) - ** = RI (Reference-intake) not established


Purified water; solvent: glycerol (vegan); d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (vit E); vitamin C extracted from organic Amla fruit; natural emulsifier: sunflower lecithin; natural flavoring: peppermint; evening primrose oil; dexpanthenol (vit. B5); zinc gluconate; pyridoxine HCl (vit. B6); retinyl palmitate (vit. A); L-tyrosine; L-cysteine; thiamine mononitrate (vit. B1); riboflavin 5'phosphate (vit. B2); preservative: potassium sorbate; extract from: aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, pine bark and tomato (lycopene); ; natural sweetener: steviol glycoside (stevia); biotin; methylcobalamin (vit. B12).

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Product code: 6041